Dr. Greg R. Luecke, PhD, PE


Dr. Greg Luecke is a Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southern Maine with 28 years at Iowa State University. He earned his BSME from University of Missouri-Columbia in 1979, and worked in the aerospace industry in electro-hydraulic flight controls at McDonnell-Douglas Corp and Sikorsky Aircraft for ten years before earning his PhD and pursuing a career in teaching and research. He earned an MS degree from Yale University in 1986 and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University in 1992.

Dr. Luecke's research in robotics, systems, and controls began at ISU in 1992, when he moved his research focus from industry to academa. His appointments are in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. His work deals with the analysis, modeling, and simulation of dynamic systems with particular focus on applied real-time controls. The major emphasis is to develop accurate simulation tools for use in real-time computation applied to computer-controlled and mechatronic systems.

Along with his extensive industry experience, he is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Iowa (#14068) and the State of Maine (#12175). He performs technical consulting in dynamic systems, controls, robotics, simulation, and mechatronics.