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Expert Consulting:

Hands-On Controls Expertise

Construction, Aerospace, Medical, Agriculture, Virtual Reality, Navigation, Education, and more!

As an expert in applied controls systems technology, I provide system analysis, modeling, simulation, and implementation for a wide variety of computer-controlled applications, including aerospace,  agriculture, heavy equipment, virtual reality.

My wide background assures the technical guidance you need to solve motion control problems,

implement inertial guidance solutions, and develop real-time robotic systems.

If your engineers want a refresher course in Controls and Applications, including analysis, modelling, control design, dicrete-time effects, sensors, microcontrollers and interfacing, here is a generalized outline.

(Of course, it will be tailored to your specific needs!)

First Principles Modeling

Dynamic System Analysis

Beginning with the fundamental physical processes, I develop the dynamical equations that govern operation of the system.  Using accurate non-linear models, we simulate the system and validate the behavior using experimental data.

Digital Computer Simulation

Simulation and Validation

We develop accurate simulation of the system operation based on the dynamic equation of motion. Using experimental test data, we validate the model in known operating regimes for extrapolation into preferred ranges.

Classical, Modern, and Advanced Techniques

Control System Design

Using the models and simulation, we design stable and accurate controllers for precise performance of the system.

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