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One-Week Applied Controls

Short Course Syllabus

Advanced Controls Seminar


presented by


Dr. Greg R. Luecke



Monday: Review-System Modeling, Response, and Identification



  • Introduction

  • System Modeling Review

  • Differential Equations/System Response

  • Experimental System Identification




Tuesday:  Classical Closed-Loop Control


  • Error Feedback-Closed Loop Control

  • Root-Locus

  • Feedback and the Roots of the Characteristic Equation

  • Cascade Compensation

  • Frequency Response




Wednesday: Introduction to Modern Control


  • State Space Formulation, State Feedback Control, State Observers

  • Computer Control

  • Discretization and the Z-Transform

  • Equivalent Discrete-Time Controllers


Thursday:  More On Discrete-Time Control



  • Discrete Time State Space

  • Feedback Control and Deadbeat Response

  • The Observer In Discrete Time

  • Nonlinear Systems




Friday:  Microprocessor Applications


  • Control Sensors and Hardware

  • Micro-Processor and Electronic Basics

  • Mechatronic Systems-Control Architectures and Application

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